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Kirin 01 - portrait

190,416 VW Service

Well I'm back at VW for another routine service.

Not much to post other than that. In keeping with my habit of using portable devices to post, this one's coming from a BlackBerry 8830WE my current cell phone.


I keep watching your auto posts and am thinking that in 2-3 years when it's time to get a new vehicle I may be looking at the Passat wagon as well. Just for fun I looked at the 2008 version of what I have and the Passat. They are within $500 of each other price wise with all the options I want on each and gas mileage is close as well (I was a bit surprised that the Passat wasn't better). The only down side would be the smaller interior room of the Passat but considering how seldom I use the full interior room of the minivan I could probably live with it. Oh well, that's a down the road decision anyway so we'll just wait and see what's available at that time.
I just got home. It was quick and painless today. I'm not sure I would go for another Passat. I love the car but they have ruined the styling in my opinion. The higher beltline, tapered roof and large "D" pillars are design "features" that I dislike intensely.
I look to function and reliability more then style but I'd have to sit in one and drive it before knowing if the "features" cause problems in the safety or loading areas. The thing I'm looking at as well is 190K plus miles with no major problems. That's the type of vehicle I need. Still we're talking 2-3 years down the road so maybe they'll have gone full circle on the style/features by then.
When I was at FC I had a choice of the rabbit for the rental and I took it!

nice little car,
Why, it's just getting broke in good now.
Keep on keepin' on!

Just finish a 60K service at 388,000 miles myself this week...*grin*