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It looks like I'll probably miss AnthroCon this year

I've been selected as a Juror for a case that could last six weeks.
If it does, I'll miss the con for sure.



If a trial will interfere with existing travel plans, you can ask to be excused.
I can't prove the plans.

I'm driving this year and sharing a room booked by someone else so I have nothing on paper. At the time, I didn't really try to push it because of this.

It's mostly my own stupidity that got me into it.
Did you pre-reg with the con?

That might do it.

I'm not sure you would have to prove them. Plans are plans, regardless if you wrote them down or not.

How about asking your roomie to write (and sign) a note to the judge? Surely that would help.
Bummer, dude. -Frisk
hopefully the trial won't last that long.

Or you can somehow show an inability to be a juror though with dignity in tact :D

anyhow good luck with this mess :(
hope ya do make it to AC
since i'm one you'd be driving if you do get a "get out of jail free" or "bank error in your favor" card ^.^

I certainly hope it ends with enough time for you to get to AC. Let's hope it's an easy trial.
Hopefully you can still make it to the con.