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Kirin 01 - portrait

The trip home was frustrating!

It took three hours six minutes to get 18 miles. Average speed 6 mph! Got in at about 4:45PM

The last hour was going just about two of those miles on a major local road.

People are selfish when driving in bad weather. Passing in the center meadian and even in the oncoming traffic lane, pushing into intersections instead of stopping to let traffic through, nuzzling into a packed line of cars with no turn signals and generally being a$$holes. No one seems to know how to drive in snow. I saw lots of cars spinning their wheels over accelerating on packed snow or fishtailing. SUV drivers are the worst as they think they are invincible and, as they are bigger, can bully their way through normal car traffic. And I gotta go up to the office tomorrow so we can take Boxing Day off. (I don't mind going to work, just the trip up to S Norwalk in the snow (and I don't mind driving in snow myself, but the other drivers (OK so how deeply can I nestle parentetical phrases?(*grin*))))


New Yorkers freak out when just one flake of snow falls down

*nodnods* As do most South Jersians, it seems. Bleh. I drive a putt-putt car and I can still get around. It's the other twonks on the road that make me fear snow :).
Now when it comes down to our usual manner of railway system. x.x

I am glad I am not travelling via train this month. Fed up of delays, ice, rain, leaves, snow, drawing pin on the track to stop a service completely for a day.