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Kirin 01 - portrait


For those who do not know, I've been on a Federal Jury for the past six weeks.

This morning we gave our verdict.

The man on trial was running a Day Trading stock brokerage.
He was on trial for both conspiracy to defraud and five different counts of interstate wire fraud.
We found him guilty on all counts. In our minds the Government proved their case beyond reasonable doubt.

I do not know what his sentence will be, but his life will certainly be messed up for a while.

It was NOT something I'd want to do again.


I was called for jury duty 3 times and was picked twice. Once for a grand jury. Once for a murder trail. Both lasted over a month.
It was interesting.
I was on Grand jury once for the county. 4 weeks M-F
Thank you for your service, Smrgol.
Glad it's over for you and you can get back to life as usual. As clergy we get an exemption from these things but I have been involved in a murder trial once so I do understand what you mean.