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Kirin 01 - portrait

Losing things ...

I've been going a bit crazy the last couple of days looking for something.

I have misplaced my PSP and its travel case which has about eight games, headphones and the headphone remote.
I am *almost* positive I've used it since I got back from AC on June 30th, but just in case, I did call the airline lost and found with the info. Nothing back from them though.

It's probably somewhere in the house, but I have NO idea where at this point. I've been through a lot of the usual areas where it should have been with no luck.

It would be VERY annoying to have to replace it.
Hopefully it'll turn up'


good luck my friend, i hope you find it :)
Good luck, I hope you find it soon. I was thinking of getting one a while ago ( I could never afford it though ) just so I can play Ratchet and Clank, but then Size Matters came out on PS2. :)
Drat! I hope it's in the house somewhere or in the car. I've misplaced things often enough to know exactly how frustrating that can be.