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Kirin 01 - portrait

Losing things ...

I've been going a bit crazy the last couple of days looking for something.

I have misplaced my PSP and its travel case which has about eight games, headphones and the headphone remote.
I am *almost* positive I've used it since I got back from AC on June 30th, but just in case, I did call the airline lost and found with the info. Nothing back from them though.

It's probably somewhere in the house, but I have NO idea where at this point. I've been through a lot of the usual areas where it should have been with no luck.

It would be VERY annoying to have to replace it.
Hopefully it'll turn up'


Drat! I hope it's in the house somewhere or in the car. I've misplaced things often enough to know exactly how frustrating that can be.