Smrgol (smrgol_t_kirin) wrote,

203,129 - A minor setback

Monday evening on the way home I got a quick Low Oil Pressure warning while on a curved exit ramp.
I went to a Service station and checked the oil level. It was 2 qts low. $20 later (synthetic oil is expen$ive!) I had filled it enough to get home and then to VW Service. As I put the dipstick back the plastic "funnel" tube that holds the stick shattered from age.

The first thing Tuesday morning it was off to VW Service. The oil leak was from the oil pan drain plug. The threads in the female oil pan insert had worn. The insert is a separate piece so it was easy to change. I'm glad I caught the low oil before it became too serious.

Parts were $45.99 (pan insert, new dipstick, new "funnel") Labor was $101.00 (1 Hour) and tax $12.68 Total: $159.67

Again it's all age and use related wear, expected as the car gets older.

I'll have to come up with some kind of VW icon so you folks can skip these car posts. I do them so that I have an easy to reference record of what goes on with the car.
Tags: vw service
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