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Kirin 01 - portrait

I don't know ...

I went out and got a dozen embroidered caps with the Furry Forever Pawprint.

and I can still do Denim Shirts
(click for large pictures)

but now that I've done them where are all the folks who said they were interested?


looks great....

sometimes in the merchandise business you don't always get an instantaneous return on investment...(looking at the boxes in my living room and they gradually get lighter)....MLD
I think I could only afford the cap at this date and time. I have to er, email you or call but calling you is a bit of a hit and miss affair since I don't know when you are free to take said call.

Hmm, let me know, k?


Well, if you are interested in the "stuff",
e-mail is the best way to get in touch.

smrgol (at) optonline.net

This all started with a six polo shirts for $99 offer I got as e-mail.
The first 6 shirts and then five more went out as Christmas gifts.
I get e-mails with special offers every week, so if Polos come on sale, I'll announce them, the same with denim long sleeve shirts.
They have offered t-shirts, but an embroidered t-shirt?? The only down side is there's a minimum order of six pieces so it's a matter of getting six interested folks within the period. By the time the shipping from the embroiderer and the postage to the buyer are added, it's pretty much break even for me rather than a money maker. I would rather get this stuff to those who want it than make a profit.

By the way, the hats are $14 each shipped, the shirts are $27.
Right now demim shirts are on sale, as are some short sleeve shirts similar to polo shirts.

put me down for a cap if ya have one left over please.