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Kirin 01 - portrait

* SIGH *

I found my "old" PSP and stuff today.


Congratulations on finding your old PSP, is it still working? What is the "stuff" that you found?
The "stuff" was the seven games (Blokus, Burnout Dominator, FlatOut Head On, Full Auto 2 Battlelines, The Golden Compass, Puzzle Quest and WALL-E) that were in the case, the headphones with microphone, the headphone remote, a 4gb memory stick (in the PSP) and the case itself.

I'm more annoyed by the fact that I have replaced all this since I lost it back in July. I'm going to take a hit to sell it used.

Yes, it is working perfectly after I charged the battery and re-set the clock.

I was even able to transfer my saved games and other data to the new 8gb memory stick in the replacement and sync them with the "old" PSP.

Edited at 2008-10-07 10:47 am (UTC)
Okay, where were they? I've had moments where I lost stuff but found them later on in my life. :)

Mind you, some stuff I needed now but I threw out ages back... Like my old CD of programs from college. Kinda getting back into DOS again and want zoomtext etc. :)

But not willing to pay £300-400 on a 20 year old program though. x.x
This is the REALLY annoying part! It was between the box spring and mattress on my bed. Way in the middle (don't ask how it ended up there, I don't know). I was changing the sheets and for some reason lifted the mattress higher than I normally would and there it was. I've been sleeping right on top of it. *GRRR* I am such a dolt sometimes.

We've all been there at somepoint in our lives. Trust me on that one. As for selling it second hand, it lowers what money you had spent replacing it anyways. Won't get it all back but at least it makes it small difference when something does sell.