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Artistic help needed!

OK, this:

is an e-Flight Blade mCX RC helicopter.

I'd like to repaint the body into a stylized "fox head" design. I have a nice copper red for the upper body which will blend into white for the bottom.

What I need help with is reworking the black window area to look like eyes. I can't get the shape quite right.
Any suggestions for the shape/size of the nose and mouth would be useful too.



I would put the eyes on the sides of the front windshield, rather than the front. Consider shark teeth on the nose wrapping around. Seen from the sides, it'll look quite menacing. You may also consider cutup ping pong balls on the canopy and painting eyes on that.

Also be wary of what paint you use. Weight is the enemy of aerospace and robotics.
I'm looking more to reshape the existing windows to look more eye like. Split the windshield down the center, etc.

I'm looking for stylized fox, not menacing.

Pingpong balls would be way too big - that photo is roughly full size.

Edited at 2008-11-16 06:58 pm (UTC)
I added a "thumbnail picture" to show the way I am trying to go with this project

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For future reference: Use tape and cover the area around the windows, paint it black, then remove the tape. With one color of paint, you'll have to be careful or you'll peel the paint off of the other one, but it should do the trick.

Re: Paintin

I know how to do the painting, I've been doing that since the early 60's (I'm 55 now)

It's help with the shape of the eyes etc. that I was hoping to get some help with.

Thanks for the comment though.

Re: Paintin

How about cutting the shapes out of the tape with an x-acto knife?

Re: Paintin

I need to get the look and shape right before I paint.

The ones in the little sketch do not look right to me.

Once I get a design I like, the painting is easy.