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PC Help!

My Computer has decided that a complete restart every ten minutes or so is a very good idea.

I'm running XP Pro and the beast is a P4 3.06GHz with 1.5GB RAM (I thought I had 2GB ... hmmm...)

Any ideas on whether it could be hardware or software related?


I'm no expert, but the first thing I would check is that all the fans are working and your video card isn't overheating. (You can get PC Wizard for free to keep tabs on that.)
Sounds like hardware. Clean out your CPU fans, your power supply and it's fans, any GPU fans and then run Memtest86 to check your RAM.

It simply might be your PSU failing after all these years.
I used Speedfan when I was on XP, but I agree with check fans/heat levels and then clean everything out. Pentium 4s run hot to start, and cleaning out my mom's desktop brought down the temperature levels quite a bit. So much dust!
I agree with the others, it sounds like an over-heating problem. Check for dust in the heat sink, and that your fans are running properly.
I can't offer any help, but I hope you can get your computer working soon.