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Well, it's NOT the power supply - PC problems continue ...

Today I replaced the power supply in my PC. This was to (hopefully) stop the 5 minute reboot cycle problem that I reported earlier.

This did not work.

I am currently running an MS Windows Memory Diagnostic off a floppy disc in advanced mode. One pass with no errors so far.

I've updated XP and the original install disc now balks saying that the OS on the machine is newer than it is so it doesn't want to repair stuff.

Are there any downloadable XP operating system diagnostics or fixers out there?


Not too many that are worth much. Driver scanners I can suggest driveragent.com - which I paid the yearly fee to get the downloaded drivers.

Glary utilities are also a good set of utilities, but you need windows to be up to run it.


Also, got your email and I have repaired the password for the FTP account for yah.
Have you tried. http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/

It has several utilities on one disc. There's another which is payable but has commercial utilities on it but can't remember what's that is called at the moment.

Sorry, remembered, it's Hiren's Boot CD

So that's two different bootable CD's for checking out stuff. :)
Thanks, I will try them.