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PC Update - It appears that it's a software problem.

The beast ran fine in Safe mode last night for several hours.

Tonight I've run MSConfig and disabled all of the programs listed.

I'm restarting them in small groups - maybe this will find the rogue program that's causing the problem.

I'm glad I have the laptop to work from for everyday stuff.


Good luck, I hope you can get it working soon.
More specifically it sounds like a driver issue. Is XP rebooting, or is it giving you a BSOD and rebooting? If it's just rebooting, go in and change the setting (somewhere under "System" - been awhile since I ran XP so I can't tell you exactly where) and disable the "automatically reboot on errors" setting.

The next time it craps out, it will go to a BSOD rather than a reboot, and you can write down the error number for Googling later. When I had this problem with Windows, it turned out to be a device setting that was conflicting with my CD drivers.
It's a reboot without BSOD as if you've just turned on the machine.

I've tried the disable auto reboot (F8 when starting windows gets you there) and I did get an obscure error message. I'll copy it down if it reoccurs, but i can't remember it now (at work).