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Well, the PC seems to be dead. Really Dead this time.

My PC has gotten worse. It now reboots even before Windows gets going, even in safe mode.

I've tried booting from the CD, but even that fails before things get to a point that I can get running.

Replacing memory is not an option at this point. My PC has an ASUS P4T533-C motherboard and uses DDR SDRAM PC-3200 400Mhz chips.
Last time I looked at these they were $200+ for a gig of memory. I'm not going to shell out that kind of money unless I know for SURE that that will solve the problem.
Of course I'd need two gigs, so that's $400 or better right there. The processor is a P4 3.06GHz. It has a Radeon 9800 series graphics card ands a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 audio system.
It has two DVD RW drives, one a dual layer.

Is it even worth fixing? I can get a new Gateway FX PC at Best Buy for about $1200 with a good payment plan (18mo, interest free) but I'm still paying off the laptop.

Eventually I'll have to get a USB interface for the hard drives so that I can get the data off them. *sigh*
I wonder if I can get an external drive case for the DVD drive too.

For now I'm living with the laptop,Gateway P-6860FX with an Intel Core2 Duo T5550 at 1.83 GHz. and 4 Gb of RAM. It'll run 2nd Life and WoW so it'll do.

Maybe I don't need the PC at all ... Just a good Hi-Def large monitor.


Uhmmmm, DDR 400 runs around $19 a gig. I could even share some from my own system if you needed it, although it would take some shipping/etc back and forth. Probably just as easy to buy a gig and see if it works.


If you have more than one memory chip, can you pull one at a time, reboot, and see if that fixes it enough to do a memory check? (Again, lots of memory checkers out there. Just go to download.com and see what's available.)

You can also get an USB Drive for about $29. (either sata or ide) and there are also freeware programs available to "duplicate" the drives. I got one if you need a recommendation - that I used to "dupe" my win xp hard drive for my laptop when I went from a 120gig/5400rpm drive to a 250 gig/7200rpm drive.
Sorry, I copied the wrong info.

Memory Comments: PC800/PC1066 ECC and non-ECC RIMMs (must be installed in pairs)

Fairly typical pricing:

a.k.a. http://tinyurl.com/memory-prices

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There are three things you can do with that computer now after taking out the drives.
1. through it out.
2. have a funeral for it.
3. bash the cr*p out of it for giving you so much grief.

That FX series gates looks good.

How well does your laptop handle SL?
The laptop handles SL (and World of Warcraft) very well.

So you think it's REALLY dead then? What might the problem be?

I'd probably gut it and sell the entrails and case.

The case is an Alienware, the sound card is a good one, the power supply is new.

Edited at 2009-01-14 11:11 am (UTC)

try cam's idea and pull the memory and put known good RAM in. IT's cheap, and this could be Ram, mobo failure, or a weak power supply.
Alas, if you look at my reply to Camstone, RIMM memory for this beast is NOT cheap - at least $200 per gig.

The power supply is a brand new 650 watt unit - it didn't help.

Edited at 2009-01-15 05:44 am (UTC)
Giggles, "Buy a Mac, buy a Mac," winks. "Seriously though, ifn you're still running a P4, consider getting a new computer, though i recommend avoiding Vista, while the bad reports have dropped drastically, can't say i've heard anything good out of it. As to the Mac suggestion, its surprising how long and reliable they are, i've been running a G4 mini that cost about $700 or there abouts for a few years, and aside from an HD failure (my fault, and a pain in the *** to change), its going strong. I'm by no means a die hard Mac only person though, so get what suits your needs (i want an iPod Touch or iPhone with base station that allows it to double as a full computer... oh wait, they don't make something like that yet).
As an old Apple ][+ and //gs owner, I would agree.

As someone who is hooked into the PC side very deeply due to using AutoCAD and a couple of other PC only programs (yeah, I know the Mac can now run them) I'm kind of anchored to Windows.

And just to poke at you Mac folks - Software for the Mac is already up to an 11th major version. Vista is only the sixth Windows version.

My brother is a Mac user (he does graphic design) and he does a lot with his system - the full wireless music streaming with iPhone as a remote etc. Nice toys, but do I need them?

I'm stuck with Vista Pro on the laptop, it's been working well so far. The worst thing is that a few of my older programs will not run.

Edited at 2009-01-15 05:46 am (UTC)
Could be any number of things, though expensive RIMMs are one possibility.

Have you tried resetting any number of BIOS settings to see if you can cause it to fail more or less than it has been? That would give you clues.

Like someone said, though. If it's a P4, I'd consider getting something newer and giving that one away. *shrug*