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OK Gamers ...

PSN User Names: Smrgol_Kirin, DavidMcC

World of Warcraft

Boef - Tauren - Druid - L32
Teebone - Tauren - Hunter - L19
Briskit - Tauren - Warrior - L22
Sunaru - Blood Elfe Rogue - L8

Dayfid - Night Elf - Druid - L17
Ghorge - Night Elf - Hunter - L37
Alapmi - Dranai - Mage - L23
KCJones - Dwarf Rogue - Engineer - L13
Eyegor - Human - Paladin - L15

Borgenion - Tauren - Hunter - L4

Bourguignon - Tauren - Shaman - L11

Do you have a Playstation Network acccount or play World of Warcraft?
I'd like to know the details.


Don't own a PlayStation, but:

Arhianrod - undead warlock, level 80
Kaylith - tauren druid, level 80
Archie - tauren hunter, level 72 or so
Ankha - troll warrior, level 70

*edit: That's actually nowhere close to all my characters (I have all my character slots on Ysera filled, as well as characters on other servers) but these four are my frequently played characters. One of these days I'll get around to leveling my deathknight, Angelonia.

Edited at 2009-02-01 05:46 am (UTC)
In terms of WoW, I have toons on 4 different servers, but the only characters I ever play are on Ysera. All are Horde, listed by the frequency by which I play them.

Erui - Undead Priest, level 80
Caylith - Tauren Druid, level 80

Alterui - Troll Rogue, level 75
Gutbucket - Orc Shaman, level 63

Ulron - Undead Warlock, level 70
Giblet - Tauren Deathknight, level 57
Tefnut - Troll Mage, level 41
Aimless - Blood Elf Hunter, level 22
Keirrn - Tauren - Survival Hunter - L80 (Main)
Colour - Tauren - Feral Druid - L76

I almost never play my Alliance anymore, but they're worth mentioning:
Prisma - Night Elf - Feral Druid - L70
Aerie - Draenei - BM Hunter - L36

I have a few other toons on the server, but mostly to hold names that I someday might want :3
I'm on the North American servers.


Laerdal: Tauren Hunter Lvl 51

McGuyver: Blood Elf Hunter Lvl 32


McLure: Human Rouge Lvl 23

Johnjrambo Human Warrior Lvl 9
PSN name: skipaiotter

was playing Burnout last night as well, opened another car up, though still lacking in that.

As for World of Warcraft. This info won't help as you're on US servers and I'm on EU servers but...

Not played that often chars:

Azjol-nerub - EU server

Ridue: Human - Warrior - Level 33
Ryssa: Gnome - Mage - Level 22
Keevoak: Tauren - Warrior - Level 15
Dwrgi: Tauren - Death Knight - Level 55

My mains:

Norflay: Tauren - Resto Druid - Level 71
Tavoitter: Troll - Beastmaster Hunter - Level 59
All I have is PSN, Wii and Live. So Here is My PSN ID:


Simple enough. :)
I play WoW but sadly on none of your servers, here's my details Smrg in case you ever roll a DK over to hang with me :)

Torrg - Orc Shaman (Elemental) - Level 80
Armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Sen%27jin&n=Torrg

Aerie Peak
Praise - Dwarf Priest (Discipline) - Level 76
Armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Aerie+Peak&n=Praise

Dark Iron
Boogah - Tauren Death Knight (Frost/Unholy Hybrid) - Level 62
Armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dark+Iron&n=Boogah

Hope those details are fine enough ;)