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Kirin 01 - portrait

215,633 miles VW Service

- Heat Shield Recall work
- Fixed faulty Cruise Control < Requested repair
- Replaced worn engine mounts (all three) < Found during inspection
- Oil change with filter

Parts: $337.40; Labor $369.80; Sales Tax $61.00 = Total $768.20
These prices are after a 15% discount coupon was applied. Original total was about $930.00

Car rental for 2 days: $90.88 + $6.00 for gas. (Toyota mini-van at economy car rate plus a break on gas - Thanks Enterprise!)

Total outlay: $ 865.08, and they washed the car. (but now it's raining)


If it was like my last VW service - the first one in at least 1.5 years, besides coil packs, and the car has 220,000 miles - that's not a bad tally at all!

My VW has been amazingly reliable - I have NO idea why so many people complain ("My sun visor has broken, I'll never buy VW again!!" (real VW forum post))