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Good News / Bad news

The good news - Fridays off! 3 Day Weekends!

The Bad - 4 days pay.

Due to lack of work in our office for the short term, I've had my hours cut back from 40 to 32 per week.
The next few months are going to hurt and I'm going to have to cut WAY back on expenses.

I've commited to the DooDah Parade and to RCFM. After that, I have no idea what I will be able to do.

At least I still have a job ...



Damn, man. You were on my short list of those I would expect to survive this mess unscathed.
Ouch :( Sorry to hear.
*nods* It's going to get worse before it gets any better, I am afraid.
Sorry to hear that.
:: tight hug ::
I'm sorry your hours got cut, but I'm glad you still have a job.
wtf?! With all the construction I see around the city, they don't need new plans? Or is that all outsourced too?
*Nods sadly*

Yeah, I somewhat expected you'd get hit sooner or later with this and thankfully it's about as light a hit as can be. Any loss of income hurts with the situation you're in I know but as you said, at least you still have a job. Do what you have to do and I'm sure people will understand.