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RR Kirin

We Can Haz Furmeet!

I have talked to LK and the Cape May Furmeet is a go for the weekend of May 15th, the weekend before Memorial Day.

The good news is that the railroad is up, the cars are in good shape and ready to go.
The bad news is that there are 300 freight cars in storage that are blocking the line to Cape May, so no train this year.

The schedule will be the same, Saturday morning at the zoo, then into Cape May for the afternoon and dinner.  Hang out on Saturday evening.
Sunday on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

I hope y'all can make it!


Holy crap your icon is adorable.
Have fun at Cape May! :D
Not this year no but hoping that I can get to places next year for a visit. I need to start arranging things though so I can inform people of what dates are available to do the visit so I can see which friends I do have over there.

Mainly as I think this would be the only visit I could make until another 7-10 years again. But yeah, hope all goes well and that everyone... Everyone including the person running it has a great time and a way to relax and enjoy themselves.

That's an order by the way... :)