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Home from RCFM - FINALLY!

RCFM was a blast.  I had a great weekend.

The trip home was a different story ...

It was a cascade effect due to the late arrival of equipment in Huntsville.  The flight left at 8PM instead of 6:30 so we got into Atlanta at about 9:45 - a half hour after my NY flight to JFK had left.  It took until about 11:00 for Delta to sort things out and get me on a flight, set me up in a hotel room and issue meal vouchers.  I had vegetable soup in a sourdough bread bowl for dinner and headed for the hotel.  I was in bed around midnight (when I should have arrived at JFK NY) with a 3:30AM wake up call to get to the airport in time for my 6AM flight to LaGuardia which arrived on time at 8:15AM.  However my checked baggage arrived at JFK at 10:15.  Delta did supply a car to get me from LGA to JFK and I finally arrived home at about 11:30AM, about 11 hours later than planned.  The additional parking fees amounted to around $30.00.

So now it's unpack, shower, do laundry and then rest.

Thanks to </a></a>brace_bear for keeping me company (he was on the same flight out of HSV).

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