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Notification of Temporary Layoff.

Yeah.  I have been laid off.  Supposedly it's temporary.
If there's work I'll be called back.  If it lasts until September 12th, it's over.

The question is - do I really want to continue with Architecture?
I'm not sure what else I could do though.

I can apply for unemployment, so I'll have some money trickling in.

This probably will kill both MFM and MFF for this year.




Recession is a good time to go back to school if you want to make a major career change.
Yeah, thought of that. The trouble is that I'm 55 and have been doing Architectural work for 32 years.

I have no idea what I'd want to do.
Maybe get a dog and go goose chasing at golf courses?
Or drive escort for wide loads?

I dunno.
:: tight hug ::
I'm sorry about the layoff. Hopefully you will be back at work very soon.

As for continuing architecture, I don't know if you should or not. But if you want a change, I agree with Rowan.
Ugh, didn't think it would happen in your line of work but looks like that's been thrown out of the window.

Very sorry to hear this Smrgol. I'll keep my ears open.

Aww, that sucks.
Really sorry to hear it. I can sympathize as I've been out of work since December myself. Unemployment compensation can be your friend though. I hope you do get callback. With the way things are going, getting back where you are experienced and a known commodity can be a stablizer.

Don't dump you life. Try going to one or the other con rather than both if you feel money will be tight. I'm still on cast for the Faire even though it costs me money to attend. It makes me feel great and in theses times you need to feel good and not let these 'interesting times' drag you down. Count your pennies, mak sure all important bills are taken care, put some money away then go out every now and then and be happy.
No AC this year. That was determined a while back when they changed the vacation policy at work. I had a family obligation last week that ate all of my accrued time and I could not have built up enough before AC to make the con.

Now I have the time, but no money.
*hugs* Man, that sucks hard.
I've been afraid I'd here this from you for some time. I really wish there was a way I could help other then to say I'm here if you need to talk. Hopefully I'll be back north within a month or so and we can get some time together. Stay in touch and let me know if you need anything.
I hear you. I dodged the bullet last Halloween, but I get the feeling another round is coming up, probably around the same time.

This is pretty much why I've been holding off on ANY conventions or vacations for the last few years. I'm paying off all of my debts as fast as I can manage, because I've still got the same feeling I had back in April of 2008.

I "felt" all of this shit coming. And I felt it was going to hit in the end of September, and it did.

Well, I still feel it. We ain't seen NOTHIN' yet, so I'm stocking up and paying off.

As for income? Well...to be perfectly brutal about it, you're living in what amounts to a money printing factory. You could have UltraSeller status on eBay in a month with what you've got, and you take exceptionally good care of your things. They'll bring a premium price.
Sorry to hear it. It sucks that it's out of your control, but you do have a good opportunity now to figure out what you truly like and don't like. If you are still interested in architecture, send me your resume. Can't promise anything but I know a few people.

In the meantime, are there any free-lance opportunities? If you're any bit as creative now as you were when I knew you, then there's gotta be some kind of hobby related work you could do. Maybe not for the income, but at least pass the time doing something you enjoy and your friends enjoy, while you plan out the next step?
I'm sorry to hear this. I hope that you can find something temporary in the mean time to fill in the blanks, and that it doesn't end up permanent.

As well, hopefully by September the recovery will be in full swing and it will all be a moot point.
I am sorry to hear that you got laid off and given I don't really know your specifics I only wish you the best.

I don't think Architecture as a whole is doing well in this Recession as I have a cousin in law in Alabama who just had to let go all of his people that he employed in his family run firm. I am not sure how he or my cousin will get by now given that she herself is a graphic artist.