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Notification of Temporary Layoff.

Yeah.  I have been laid off.  Supposedly it's temporary.
If there's work I'll be called back.  If it lasts until September 12th, it's over.

The question is - do I really want to continue with Architecture?
I'm not sure what else I could do though.

I can apply for unemployment, so I'll have some money trickling in.

This probably will kill both MFM and MFF for this year.



Really sorry to hear it. I can sympathize as I've been out of work since December myself. Unemployment compensation can be your friend though. I hope you do get callback. With the way things are going, getting back where you are experienced and a known commodity can be a stablizer.

Don't dump you life. Try going to one or the other con rather than both if you feel money will be tight. I'm still on cast for the Faire even though it costs me money to attend. It makes me feel great and in theses times you need to feel good and not let these 'interesting times' drag you down. Count your pennies, mak sure all important bills are taken care, put some money away then go out every now and then and be happy.