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Notification of Temporary Layoff.

Yeah.  I have been laid off.  Supposedly it's temporary.
If there's work I'll be called back.  If it lasts until September 12th, it's over.

The question is - do I really want to continue with Architecture?
I'm not sure what else I could do though.

I can apply for unemployment, so I'll have some money trickling in.

This probably will kill both MFM and MFF for this year.



Sorry to hear it. It sucks that it's out of your control, but you do have a good opportunity now to figure out what you truly like and don't like. If you are still interested in architecture, send me your resume. Can't promise anything but I know a few people.

In the meantime, are there any free-lance opportunities? If you're any bit as creative now as you were when I knew you, then there's gotta be some kind of hobby related work you could do. Maybe not for the income, but at least pass the time doing something you enjoy and your friends enjoy, while you plan out the next step?