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A little WoW help?

My horde team is currently as follows:

Boef - Druid - Leather work, Skinning
Briskit - Warrior - Tailor, Enchanter
Rhalf - Rogue - Mining, Blacksmith
Sunaru - Rogue - Alchemy, Inscription
Teebone - Hunter - Skinning, ?????

What should I do for Teebone?  His skinning is good, but I would retrain if needed.
Sunaru could be re-trained, he's low level.

Boef and Briskit are both fairly high level, although Briskit's Enchanting is low enough to change.

I'm trying for complementary skills where I can and an overall group that can support each other.


Herbing! I'm really surprised you don't have it already. Good for Alchemy and Inscription.. and money! I made crazy money with herbing on m druid. Flight form + herbing = Bbest since you don't have to mount/ demount like other classes.
Actually, there are some really nice items in Engineering that your hunter would be able to make for himself, specifically guns.

But yeah, if you want to make some cash, do herbalism.
unfortunately most of those items are all high end (350+), I know because I have it on my hunter granted I did go gnomish rather than goblin so that might make a difference there. I also can't seem to sell one of the high end guns I made as of late.
Well, one thing I've learned is that you don't take engineering to make money. ;)
From what I understand all the gathering professions seem to make money, though herbalism is top given how it is used for both alchemy and inscription. Mining is good for the likes of blacksmiths, engineering, and jewelcrafting but you really need to partner it with JC to prospect for the gems that seem to make money.

Enchanting is good because you can buy the greens off an AH, DE them and then put the mats off with no cost. Tailoring has bags but that really depends on server population. All the rest depends on what you want to do with the profession: actually use the items or just use it as a money maker.
I'll most likely go with Herbalism.

Here's the Alliance team:

Alampi - Mage - Mining, Jewelcrafting
Dayfid - Druid - Herbalism, Alchemy
Eyegor - Paladin - Leatherworking, Skinning
Ghorge - Hunter - Taloring, Skinning
KCJones - Rogue - Engineer, Miner
Herbing, since you have inscrip and alchemy on one toon :) Then you'll have a resource farmer.