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Kirin 01 - portrait

My Hunter got a new pet ...

New Kitty

I tamed a new pet for my Night Elf Hunter Ghorge.
Yep, he runs in Stealth Mode.


Oh my! Now to do that with an ermine or white ferret!
I miss playing wow. but bills take priority.
that wouldn't happen to be a spirit beast would it? or that just a normal stealthed kitty? I swear though the infighting of hunters and pets is a bit extreme a few places online.
I'm not actually sure.

It's called a Ghost Sabre, and is translucent even when un-stealthed.
Other than the translucency, he acts normal.

I got him through the cat statues in the Mathystra Ruins
ah that is just a normal cat then in terms of WoW's pet families. It just has the special ability to be translucent when not stealthed.

This is the spirit beast I was thinking that might be: http://www.wowwiki.com/Loque%27nahak The only one of its kind at least until 3.2 comes out and they introduce another one (with a tiger skin model). Blizzard said in a Q&A session they will be introducing more 'spirit' beasts using different skins but would be all the same pet family and would have the same abilities.
I figured as much. He's still different and fun.

My highest level characters are only Level 37 (yep, I play very casually)so a true spirit beast is still far away.
Oh wow, all this time, I thought he was swimming underwater.

What does your character look like?
Pretty much your standard Night Elf Hunter


All my characters on Silvermoon are in the http://www.dirtdeninn.com/smrgol/WoW directory

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