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VW Service - 225,373 Miles

Not pretty this time.

Valve Cover gasket and Cam Tensioner were leaking oil, about 2 Quarts in 5000 miles.  I had them fixed as I know I'd forget at some time to check for low oil.  $419.37 (65.87 Parts, 353.50 Labor)

Air Conditioner not working.  Unfortunately this too could not be put off as I drive my elderly parents around (Dad will be 90 on Friday the 7th, Mum will be 88 on Saturday the 8th)  $268.58 (117.08 Parts, 151.50 Labor)

Oil Change - $74.95 (Parts 49.10, Labor 25.85)

Total: Parts $232.05, Labor $530.85, Sales tax $65.80 = $828.70
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