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VW Service - 225,373 Miles

Not pretty this time.

Valve Cover gasket and Cam Tensioner were leaking oil, about 2 Quarts in 5000 miles.  I had them fixed as I know I'd forget at some time to check for low oil.  $419.37 (65.87 Parts, 353.50 Labor)

Air Conditioner not working.  Unfortunately this too could not be put off as I drive my elderly parents around (Dad will be 90 on Friday the 7th, Mum will be 88 on Saturday the 8th)  $268.58 (117.08 Parts, 151.50 Labor)

Oil Change - $74.95 (Parts 49.10, Labor 25.85)

Total: Parts $232.05, Labor $530.85, Sales tax $65.80 = $828.70


I just put over $800 in the van (tires, tie rod ends, ABS sensor) because I'm going to St. Louis to a model RR convention. Now I'm wondering why as I have little fun money left.

That's allot! That's almost a whole months pay for me.
Yeah, those types of service trips really bite. We just had that with my Dad's truck which we still need for snow plowing and other things around the house. It came to nearly twice the cost you put in and had to come out of their savings. Only plus side to it is that we need to do some 'spending down' of their funds for the state anyway. Still wish they (and you) didn't have to dump that type of money into cars.
Yep. I feel your pain.

Last year's services & repairs on the old '89 Honda (415K miles) totalled up to equal new car payments. So there's a newer used '97 Honda sitting in the garage just now. It's really shiny. Only 230K miles on the clock... And all 4 cylinders fire :)

Here's hoping it will last a few more years!