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Well, that's it! Eleven Years, Four Days.

Three days of work this past week and it's now over.

They could not extend the furlough.  They are putting four more people on furlough with the possibility of six more in the near future.

So I'm now officially out of work.

I'm glad it's settled, but I'm not exactly sure what I want to do now.
I'm 55 and have 32 years of architectural work behind me doing everything from ATM installations in bank drive up booths to a terminal at LGA and JFK Terminal 8.  I've worked on banks, a prison in DC, corporate offices, computer rooms (remember those?); I've laid out aircraft parking for San Bernardino and done studies at SFO. I like the airport work, but there isn't much out there.

I'm tempted to just give it all up and do something "safe" like Best Buy or Radio Shack but I don't know if it would satisfy me.

I guess I'll just have to think about it for a while ...


Freelance? Go into business for yourself?


I hope something will turn up sooner or later.

When one door closes another one opens

Relax a bit and after the reality settles in, poke around what's out there. You never know what opportunities are out there.
Wannacome out to the flat-lands? I could see if my company has an opening.

Re: When one door closes another one opens

I would, but I'm kind of tied to the general New York / Long Island area due to my folks.
First thing is to start up unemployment benefits. The money isn't great, but with extensions, you get about 40+ weeks of it at the moment.

*HUG* Sorry about the job, I can definitely relate to the experience.

My suggestion: go back to school to spruce up a bit on emerging green building technologies, there are definitely some neat new developments (and ways of applying older technologies in new ways) coming along and that pace of change may be able to renew your interest in architecture. The pay isn't likely as good as commercial work, but you can meet some very interesting people working at the fringes.
You could always ask RCFM to double your salary. ;)
From our chat I knew this was coming but it's still hard to see yet another friend out of work. Some good advice has been given here so far. A thought that came to mine was if you've got the aptitude for it get your radio license and fill that slot that LK had mentioned a while back. If I'm not mistaken they're still begging for qualified radio tech on the RR.

Hope that you can find something soon that will satisfy and give you a decent income.
:: tight hug ::
I'm sorry they let you go.

I'm sure you will find something soon and I hope it'll be something that you like doing.
Yep, did all the drawings and some design for this one:


Edited at 2009-09-13 07:27 pm (UTC)
Not really, but I know how prisons are built now and the logic behind the design.