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Adventures in Moving

I helped my brother move out of the house he has been renting and back home to my folks place.
We reserved  a 17 foot U-Haul Cargo Box Van.

They gave me this instead. 

It's a little bigger than what I'm used to driving (the blue VW Passat Variant parked in front of it).  It's a 26 foot cargo box, the largest they rent.  I did fine until I turned the corner into the street at the house.  I didn't swing wide enough and scraped the stone pillar on the corner. That set of scratches at the bottom of the orange stripe from the rear wheels back was the result.  Yes I had their insurance, so I just had to pay $40 deductible.

The pillar is at the right of this picture.  It's about seven foot tall.  The Truck is 12 foot tall (and about 8 ft. wide).

All in all it was an "Adventure in Moving".

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