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VW Service - NY $tate In$pection

I had the car in for the $tate In$pection today.

The safety / Emissions test was $37, they had to add two quarts of $ynthetic Oil ($25.90 - yeah, I let it get low), they replaced a brake light bulb ($12) and 3 third brake light bulbs ($24).  They added $42.50 for labor and $12.21 in sales tax - Grand total $153.61

The rear brakes just passed, and I'll probably need to do them at the 230,000 mile service in the next few weeks.


[nods} At least nothing serious. Although watch that oil getting low... don't tell me you have another leak again?
I don't think it's a leak, it's been using oil for a while now (last 30K miles or so). Just age I guess. I've been monitoring it and adding as needed, but must have missed the last check. As the next oil change is less than 200 miles away, I felt I could get by. Looking back it was not a good idea.
Eesh, thats alot of money for practically no labour :/ here in MD if you don't pass they just tell you to go fix it and come back, and will generally tell you what the issue is.
In NY they will let you take it and fix it, but you will pay another inspection fee to get the sticker.

Although I like working on my car, I've gotten somewhat lazy and usually will let the service department do the work even though it costs more to do so. Part of this was due to my work schedule (when I had one) as I couldn't put the car out of service for more than a day or two and also needed it on the weekends. I also don't have a place to really work on the car, and the neighborhood frowns on anything much more than adding fluid or a tire change on the street.
Not bad. My last service was over $1200 due to the need for some plastic parts (like one headlight assembly) and hatch cylinders needing to be fixed. Next up is tires. With the winter we're having I'll be getting a set of snows on and worry about regular tires later in the year.