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Kirin 01 - portrait



Another new free browser based online role playing game.

This one's in a post-human world with no human characters.
My first two players are Jon Deere, a Rogue and William Goat, a Druid.


The customisation is in the faces, body build, height, markings and colours.
As you can see the graphics are somewhat simpler, but still pretty good for a browser based game.

There are canine, fox, feline, boar, bovine, raccoon,bird, reptile, rabbit, badger, bear, frog and owl races along with some other non-humans (Yeti, cyclops, robot etc.) 22 in all.

The game is similar to almost any of the others such as World of Warcraft or Everquest.
Both of my characters are still near the beginning area and low level, so there's still a lot to explore.


I've seen this. It kinda... looks like they're trying too hard with the sheer amount of possibilities. I'm fine with WoW (yes, I did get it eventually).
It still boils down to the four main classes of Knight, Mage, Rogue and Druid no matter what the character looks like. As far as I can tell, no race has an advantage over the others (unless I have not found it yet).
I dunno I've been in wow for 3 years I'm a little too invested to swap to Earth Eternal. Looks cute but meh I've had bad experiences trying to switch to another MMO. I was sorely disappointed in FFXI which I tried a year ago to swap WoW for and failed.
I too am fairly deep into WoW, but a friend showed me this one and I figured I'd pass it along. I probably will not go too deeply into it myself (Just like Perfect World)
Yes, Jon would be a suit that I would like to do.