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VW Service 230,406 miles *SIGH* Not Good

It seems like everything is hitting at once.

The estimate is close to $2300.

Rear Brakes, serpentine belt, crankcase breather pipe, radiator overflow tank crack, realign driver's door, change transmission fluid and an oil change.


VWs run very well until they hit around 250,000 miles. then everything breaks all at once. My Scirocco had a part fail that was impossible to fail. A simple oil cooler. What could break, right? The oil pipe corroded away and spewed oil all over the road, that's what could break.

Sorry guy. But when they get that old, it's buy a new machine time. That or accept lots of repairs.
For now it's accept the repairs. I cannot afford a replacement right now.
Besides, I still like the car.


That's such a variety of unrelated problems, is it just a periodic maintenance?

Re: Hmmm

Yep. The breather pipe has been bad for a while - it's the original part, I am just fed up with the smell coming into the car (or having to use recirculate mode). The cracked overflow tank is also original, so I guess it too just got old. The serpentine belt has at least 130,000 miles on it, the brakes lasted a litle less than they have in the past, but I've been doing a lot more local driving since I lost my job. I could have left the door alone, but it was one of the lesser items on the list and the rattle has been annoying.

I accept the cost as normal maintainence, it just all happened to hit at once.

The car may not be ready until Saturday, but they have lent me a Jetta sedan free of charge, so i do have a car to use.
Ouch, I've had a couple of 4 figure repairs over the years. I know how they hurt and can catch you. Here's hoping that this will simple be one blip on the repair radar and smooth sailing from there.
I new going in that it would not be cheap, but it's still a bit more than expected.
Ouch! That's a rather large amount.

Friday night update. VW still has the car.

I still have the loaner.

The Jetta sedan isn't bad, but I miss my wagon.

I will probably have it back sometime Monday.

Edited at 2010-02-06 08:11 am (UTC)